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Welcome to Sun Bae Taekwondo & Hapkido (Brisbane - Australia)

Whether you call it Taekwondo, Tae Kwon do or Tae kwon-do, you will find it here in Brisbane (Australia) with Sun Bae Taekwondo & Hapkido. As Master Instructor, I welcome you to one of the most exciting and effective forms of self defence, of which I have been teaching in Brisbane since 1983 after having the rare and unique opportunity to learn directly from Korean Grandmasters in both the Arts of Taekwondo and Hapkido. No doubt, your interest in martial arts likely flows from the ongoing need for a fun style of health and fitness or the need for self-confidence or perhaps just purely the need for self defence. In any case, Sun Bae classes offer a unique style, combining the ancient Korean Arts of Taekwondo and Hapkido self defence together with the excitement of Olympic Style competition. Men, women and children around Brisbane from ages 5 to 55+ make up the broad range of Sun Bae students, attending centres throughout all of Brisbane in separate classes for children and adults. Within 3 months, at a pace of two lessons per week, you will have the ability to defend yourself with some simple kicks and strikes. Not only that, but your mental preparedness will be much improved. After 3 years and a lot of fun-filled experience, you will find yourself concentrating on completing your Taekwondo black belt. We even have some fun non-contact competitions for you to try out along the way, as well as the more advanced Olympic style for the serious competitor. Soon after, you will officially start grading in Hapkido and receive the chance to practice traditional weaponry including sword, cane, short stick, long pole, swinging sticks (nan-chaku), etc. Sun Bae teaches a practical fighting Art, but importantly it also develops a student’s humility, self-control, patience, courtesy, integrity and indomitable spirit. Sun Bae offers everyone the chance to better themselves in all aspects of life, both physically and mentally.

It is my hope that perhaps one day, you will successfully attain your black belt in both styles...

Master Instructor
Bradley Tatnell
Sun Bae (Brisbane)


Interesting Taekwondo Facts:

  • "Taekwondo" literally means "way of hand and foot fighting" (do=way, kwon=hand/fist, tae=foot) 
  • The modernized accepted spelling is "Taekwondo" and not "Tae Kwon-do" or "Tae Kwon Do" as confirmed by the International Olympic Committee.
  • "Hapkido" literally means "way of flowing motion" (do=way, hap=harmony, ki=energy)
  • Taekwondo was practiced in a primitive form in ancient times as far back as 5000 years ago, to defend against animal attacks.
  • Taekwondo has been developing over 5000 years within Korea. It was not named Taekwondo until after World War II. Before that, it was known as Tae Kyon, Soo Bak Do, Kong Soo Do and Tang Soo Do.
  • Taekwondo, well known for its unique kicking, first developed the flying kick in order to knock attacking soldiers from their horses.
  • The Guiness world record for the highest martial arts kick (advised at at 17-04-2010) is  2.94m or 9'8" Jessie Frankson of Alaska set 21-12-2000. At the 2011 Sun Bae Annual Championship, a Sun Bae student, Michael Mills, delivered his highest kick at an incredible 2.75m. Average house ceilings are 2.4m high........!!
    (click here for an action photo of a more recent high kick by Jason Nongoor which reached 2.73m in 2008)
  • In modern Korea, "Sun Bae" literally means "most senior".  However in ancient Korea during the period of the Three Kingdoms, the name Sun Bae was attached to the best martial artists and warriors in the kingdom. The Sun Bae were the protectors of their king and their country. The character for the word Sun Bae is also the line of poomsae Koryo, the pattern for black belt.
  • Taekwondo debuted at the Sydney 2000 Olympics and Team Australia placed 2nd. Korea placed 1st (of course).
  • The first Hapkido master to teach in Australia was Sung Soo Lee ranked 9th Dan Taekwondo & 9th Dan Hapkido. Master Instructor Bradley Tatnell, based in Brisbane, has learned Hapkido directly from Master Lee.
  • Master Bradley Tatnell first started teaching Taekwondo (in charge of his own centre) in Dec 1984, before his black belt grading in 1985. He first became an Assistant Instructor in Dec 1983.
  • Master Bradley Tatnell is a master instructor in Taekwondo as well as Hapkido. He is currently studying to be a master in Kumdo.